My Inner Circle Peer in Baltimore, Paul Riecks, is asking all his clients to be prepared at this month’s meetings to discuss the following scenarios for their businesses. What’s the best case for 2009? What’s the worst case for 2009? and what’s the likely case for 2009?

His idea is to get business owners to use the answers to these questions as guideposts for decision making in the new year. It’s a way to, upfront, put some control and certainty into what is shaping up to be different year for us all. It will also make you focus on the numbers of your business and market, filtering out all of the mass media hubbub being reported on the airwaves.

His advice is to keep the three scenarios handy and in front of you. That way, you won’t be waiting for a month old set of statements to take action. You’ll be ahead of the curve one way or another no matter what the economy holds for you. And your chances for successfully negotiating 2009 increases.

Great advice Paul. Let’s act on it here in Memphis