A good strategy is grounded in the numbers. Execution is measured when you do the numbers. Doing the numbers holds you accountable and increases both urgency and confidence in your decisions.

So why to so many of us avoid doing the numbers?

By “doing the numbers” I mean reviewing a few critical numbers or dashboard indicators on the health of your business, not reviewing the statements at the end of the month. Those are great lagging indicators, but they aren’t very leading indicators that tell you where you are going.

I really feel a business owner has to have at least a weekly set of number to look at to evaluate progress. Clients in the sales funnel, a expense ratio, a quality measurement. At least three, probably no more than five. Simple calcuations that can be easily done, yet tell story about what happened last week and what’s going to happen next week. So you can make immediate adjustments to correct or leverage what is going on.

A few of my clients have daily numbers to look at. It really depends on the rhythm of your business.

What do you think your “numbers” should be and how often should you “do them?”