I just finished facilitating this month’s round of Inner Circle meeting in Memphis and I got to say I’m hearing a different story about the economy that the standard fare of doom and gloom being served up by media.

Three meetings, 27 different entreprenuers. Here’s what I’m hearing: “Yes 2009 is going to be difficult. But I’m prepared for it. I’m responding, not reacting. Opportunities seem to be popping up everywhere, if only I look for them. I have to do more with less. Got to get lean and proactive. And I’m going to come out of this with a stronger company than I had before. I’m not going to just survive, I’m going to thrive.”

Obviously the entrepreneurial mindset is more optimistic than Corporate America. But I don’t think they are naively optimistic. They just have some perspective. Sure they are concerned and feeling a bit vulneralbe about things. Who wouldn’t? But it’s not as bad as the media’s relentless over reporting is making it out to be. They’ve got their wits about them, are getting creative, and are putting their heads done and getting to work. That’s what entreprenuers do. You should too.