One last post regarding my recent bike ride (

I can’t say enough about my sister’s husband Tom, and the role he played in our successful completion of our bike ride. Tom’s an expert mountain bike rider, who played the role of logistical support for us. Part wingman, part caterer, part sag wagon driver, always functioning as our coach on this ride.

He made sure we did what we had to finish ride. Coaching us on technique, giving us goals, breaking them down into smaller ones, giving moral support, handing out ibuprofen, pushing us when we needed pushing.

He didn’t let us give up and didn’t coddle us in the process. That’s what a good coach does. Helps us perform better.

Being a business coach myself, I sometimes forget about the impact I can have. I experienced the power of great coaching on this ride and it’s inspiring me to make more of an impact with my clients.