You know the old story. The kid is sent to the barn to muck out the stalls and clean out all the manure. At first he’s disappointed, then he gets excited and working furiously and happily on a crummy chore. When asked why he’s so excited he says, “With all this *&%^*& piled up to be cleaned, there’ go to be pony in here somewhere.”

We have to adopt this optimistic boy’s attitude about our current economic situation. We are inundated with so much over reported, misreported, bad news that it’s easy to lose the pep in your step. But within all this bad news lies the opportunities that make owning or running a business so much fun. There are “ponies” out there.

At his meeting last week Inner Circle member Carl Barton stated that “so much opportunity comes out of the paralysis of others.” Reading more into this, as business owners we need to dig through all the *&%^* to find the opportunities. They are there. They are just harder to find right now and probably harder to capitalize on than we are used to.

So start digging. First by eliminating waste. Then by getting outside of the box and trying new things. Focus on tomorrow instead of today. Zag while everyone zigs. Just don’t hunker down and wait this out.