I have another business related observation from my bike ride last week (to learn more about my bike ride and see pictures go to http://lwcbiketour.snappages.com/).

The bike ride was on a converted railroad line (a rail trail) and on a canal towpath. Lots of evidence of history to observe. We were so impressed with the investment of time, money, and manpower it took to build the rail lines and the canal and all it’s locks. All of it was about the conveyance of products and services. Kind of like the internet, but making the internet look like child’s play.

None of it functional anymore, except White’s Ferry, located on the tow path in a place that still works, filling a transporation niche across the Potamac that nothing else really serves well. White’s Ferry has been operating since before the Civil War. Still running today.

When you find a niche, it lasts.