A recent conversation with a client inspired me to post this blog. He’s in an industry that is fairly well battered these days so work, which in the past has been fun, is a grind. It’s been that way for months. No one is having any fun.

The question I asked him was, “What are you doing to make sure you have some fun at work?” Of course the answer was “nothing.” He had slipped into the mentality that because things were difficult he wasn’t allowed to have fun. O contaire!

We discussed ways to bring fun back to work, ranging from having a contest or theme to make the grinding work easier to bear, to random acts of fun, like having “bad hair day” or holding a “mandatory miniature golf tournament” in the halls during lunch.

The point of making sure fun is happening is that everytime you smile you lighten your load. Making others smile lightens your load as well. And of course it makes the tough or new stuff go down easier, like a “spoonful of sugar.”

Contests or themes need to be tied to good business fundamentals, attacking a weakness or opportunity, with real opportunities for everyone to win. These kind of contests you want everyone to win.

The random acts of fun, just need to be silly.

Any suggestions out there on how to bring fun to you place of work?

What are you doing to have fun at work?

Just because it’s work doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun.