Inner Circle #6 started off with a bang this week, when a member reported on his takeway and summarized his his insights on it. “Clearing the air releases anxiety.”

We proceeded to work on member issues and opportunities for the rest of the meeting. We realized that for every item discussed, communication or the lack of it contributed to the outcome. Bank negotiations, Succession Planning, Hiring PR assistance, Cash Flow strategy. Didn’t really matter what it was, good communication helped, poor communication hurt, no communication stalled things.

The unanimous conclusion was that no communication was worse than bad communication. No communication caused people to “walk on eggshells” around each other or an issue that needs to be discussed. When people finally talked, a collective sigh of relief seems to happen, the logjam is broken, progress occurs and everyone feels better.

After going through all the opportunities and issues, the same member summarized things this way: “So much comes down to communications”

Get those conversations going. Start them. Engage in dialogue (remember communication isn’t one way, you have to listen to communicate, probably more than you have to talk).

Why do we always avoid communication when we know it only helps things?