“Culture Trumps Strategy”‐ This came out of a discussion from Inner Circle 6, answering the question, “What is the role of Human Resources in my organization?” asked by a member in the process of hiring an HR professional.

We all came to the conclusion that an HR person’s role is to support and build the culture of the company, by hiring people that fit, providing tools and methods to management to reinforce culture, and identifying and then telling the “war stories” of the company that exemplify the culture of the company so others can model that behavior. Here’s why:

When culture aligns, your strategy doesn’t have to be great, just good. The aligned culture will execute a good strategy, better than an unaligned culture will execute a great strategy.

Are you running your HR function this way are is your HR person a benefits cop?

How are you communicating (or not commmunicating)the culture of your company?