I had an interaction recently with a vendor of mine. Great vendor. Really good at delivering on what we ask for. Can’t say enough about that.

The problem occurs when we don’t know exactly what we need. And sometimes, more often than I care to admit, we don’t know that we don’t know (sound familiar?). So we blunder ahead thinking we know what we need and they deliver exactly what we asked for and it’s wrong. And everyone is frustrated.

Customer usually know what they want, but are often unaware of what they really need. And in servicing customers we often probe and nail down the first without even addressing the second.

Why is this? Is it because we are anxious to make the deal, don’t want to risk offending the client, don’t know how to probe about real needs and objectives?

Whatever the reason, we must examine this in our sales process. And learn how to uncover real needs. If we don’t were leaving money on the table or losing clients to others that have figured this out.