Don’t stop your education during this downturn. In fact you need to speed up the pace of your education in times like this.

I’m not talking about training, which “How to Do Things.” I’m talking about education which is “How to Think.”

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that education during down times is a luxury that should be eliminated. But with all the changes going on right now, it’s time to increase your “thinking” opportunities. Read more books, attend more webinars, participate in more workshops.

In that vein, I’ve been thinking through how to offer education to business owners and executives in ways that will fit their budgets and time constraints right now. I’m offering the first in a series of Monthly Huddles called the “In-Synk /Gazelles Huddle.” Monthly hour-long huddles where I’ll be teaching the Gazelles Growth Model. The first huddle is March 26th. You can register at: and also look on facebook for the “In-Synk / Gazelles Huddle” Group.

The Gazelles Growth Model focuses business owners and executives on ways to effectively answer the four difficult questions they face each day:

  1. Do I have the right people and are they happy?
  2. Do I have the right strategy to drive growth?
  3. Are we executing the the strategy?
  4. How’s the cash holding up?

The Gazelles Growth Model prescibes three tools for finding the answers:

  1. Just a few priorities at a time (less is truly more).
  2. Metrics on those few priorities.
  3. Establishing a Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Meetings Rhythm around those priorities.

And we do it all with the “The One Page Strategic Plan” which Gazelles is famous for.

Join me to keep your education moving forward. With the “In-Synk / Gazelles Huddle” you can’t afford not to.