The best idea to come out of my Inner Circle meetings this week came from a member who held a planning session for the next quarter.

Because of the turbulent economy, he has been swamped with work trying to retain jittery customers. This had caused him to postpone his regular quarterly planning sessions. Just didn’t want to deal with it.

Last month he asked his peers if he should even try to do strategic planning. To a tee, his peers insisted that he make the time. The pay off would be immense.

Last week he reported that he had done as suggested and had developed a fabulous plan for the next 90 days. With input from the team, whom he had assumed would be reluctant about participating in. O contraire!

The member reported that not only did he have a great plan. He now had alignment on the team. And a huge morale boost. The team is fired up.

The reason: the member insists that it’s because they feel they are in control again. They know a plan is in place and they were part of creating it. They are really motivated now to execute it.

Do yourself a favor and plan out your next ninety days while including your team in the creation of it. It will create a lift for you.