After hearing all the discussions at this morning’s Inner Circle meeting, the major thought I want to convey today relates to going back to what you done well in the past, to improve for the future.

The temptation to radically change things when things aren’t going well is hard to resist. It’s natural to feel this way. But usually that instinct is wrong and you need to resist that urge.

Research from Jim Collins studies of great organizations going bad (his book How the Mighty Fall) indicates that those that fall stray too far from what made them great. They innovate too much, or take to radical of action to fix everything when everything isn’t broken.

Usually something needs to be fixed but not everything. The change needed might only be renewing your focus on what made you great in the first place. I said it in the meeting, the best corporate turnaround artists, the ones who really turn a company around, are those that go back to what was done good in the past, get the companies to start doing it again, and then tweak it.

No matter what’s going on in your company, you did something good in the past. Get back to it.