A couple of months ago I blogged about a coaching client of mine who was feeling beat up by the economy and feeling quite stressed. Everyone at work was feeling stressed. No one was having fun anymore. The work was no longer fun and it was wearing everyone out including the owner/leader.

My question was: What are you doing to bring fun back into work?

Well here’s what he/they did. Following the lead of his people, they decided to have a Chicken McNnugget eating contest. That’s right, Chicken McNuggets. Who could eat the most of them in less than a hour. Each office put up a contestant, one office put up two. The trash talking and fun started almost immediately.

On the day of the event, each contestant “Skyped” in and all employees watched the fun. A few customers were invited in to watch as well. The winning contestant ate 70 McNuggets in 48 minutes (gross). A good time had by all.

It proved to be quite a release for everyone. A bonding experience too. It didn’t really cost anything either, just the cost of the McNuggets. And it made my client realize that having fun at work, even manufactured fun like this, is really important.

Next month, miniature golf in the office. And my client is seeing opportunities again, not just misery.