Think about the sandbox you played in as a child. You were the king of that sandbox. You knew every inch and grain of that sandbox. And conquered it.

Apply that to your business. What sandbox are you playing in? Are you or can you conquer or dominate it?

Your sandbox might be a zip code or two, an MSA, a multi state region, all of North America, the world. You can further define it to include the demographics of the key customers you want to serve in that sandbox. Or the problem you solve for customers.

But if you don’t define the sandbox, you can’t dominate it. You can’t leverage the effectiveness of how you go to market.

Think of it another way, especially if you’re B2B. Do you know where all your customers live? You should. Why don’t you?

Just some thoughts on my mind about Sales Force Effectiveness. Lots of business owners and executives don’t know the answers to those questions.

What’s on your mind about your sandbox?