“Perfect Storm” as in “My industry (company, government, etc.) is facing the ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances (market conditions, backlash) that is ….”

Every pundit, reporter, business expert, politician is using the term these days, making me wish the movie with George Clooney that made the term poplar was never filmed. It’s a too simple analysis of situations that seems to always shift the blame away from personal responsibility for inaction. It’s an easy way to justify poor performance, malfeasance, and a host of other problems one might be encountering. It seems to be a way to lower the bar to make poor performance acceptable.

It’s not that I’m not noticing that some of the challenges we face are very difficult and that some of the causes of the challenges are beyond our control. Things can be difficult right now. It just seems that by using the term “Perfect Storm” one is abdicating responsibility for making changes and adjusting to changing environments.

How do you feel about this?