I participated in Start Up Weekend by Launch Memphis this past weekend, both as team member on the RollPlay team and as a facilitator of the check in sessions. Great Weekend. Provided much food for thought as well.

Here’s the biggest thing I’ve been thinking since it ended. The enthusiasm and productivity I witnessed was out of this world. Exhilarating levels of concentration, collaboration, creativity and commitment were fueled by the adrenaline rush of being a part of a process of creating something new, totally from scratch, in a short time frame, with a number of other smart people around you. It was amazing to see what could be accomplished in this situation.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could bottle the processes from Start Up Weekend and bring them to existing businesses? Wouldn’t it spur new levels of growth and profitability for the organizations that could drink this Kool Aid? Wouldn’t it create a level of engagement within the organization that would make them better places to work?

Many organizations already do this by holding annual and quarterly planning sessions where they stop what they are doing, question their assumptions, and reset their plans, models, and processes, in effect rebuilding their businesses on a regular basis to make sure they remain strong and grow. It creates a higher levels of concentration, collaboration, creativity and commitment just as Start Up Weekend did, although in different ways.

I’m going to start putting together a “Start-Over” or “Re-Start” Weekend this fall to bring some of the magic of Start Up Weekend to existing businesses, to re energize and reengage them in concentration, collaboration, creativity and commitment.

Want to join me?