If you haven’t figured it out already, we have entered into the era of “The New Normal.” The old go-go economy is a distant memory. Credit markets have changed. Consumer habits have changed. Customer Expectations have changed. It’s a whole new ballgame.

I recommend re-thinking your strategy. Take some time away from the grind and challenge your assumptions and the process and methods you’ve put in place that were based on those assumptions. It’s time for a strategic planning session to re-tool your strategy to fit “The New Normal.”

I’m providing some opportunities for Mid-Southerners to address this more closely.

First, consider coming to the Jim Collins Telecast I’m hosting. His keynote will present his findings on how companies succeed in turbulent times. And he assumes the future business economy will be turbulent for some time. Here’s a link to the telecast. http://in-synkcollinstelecast.eventbrite.com

Second consider joining me for the first In-Synk Annual Planning Day on November 6th. I’m setting aside a day to work with up to 6 executive teams to create their One Page Strategic Plan for 2010. To address “The New Normal.” Here’s the link to this event. http://in-synkplanningday.eventbrite.com

Let’s attack “The New Normal” together.