A major insight from Inner Circle#45 this past week, is that if you want to succeed at something (rolling out a new product line, adding a new sales person, setting up metrics to measure success, it really doesn’t matter what) you have to put effort into allowing those involved to succeed. Adding a product line and just giving the sales force some brochures and telling to go sell, just won’t cut it. Likewise with adding a new sales person. Giving him a territory and briefcase and pointing him at the door or phone will get you failure rather quickly.

You have to front load things so the odds will be more favorable, in order to succeed. Provide support with research and marketing. Set up opportunities for small successes. Share those success stories with others. Set up procedures and support processes to support more successes. Reinforce, not reward, successful behavior. Start small and build momentum. Live Forward.

Stop the “seat of your pants” behavior. Stop just pointing a person at something and demanding results.

Prepare for success. Get some small successes. Build on them. Get more success.