You heard it here first.

I heard it this morning at one of my Inner Circle meetings. The business owner said, “The recovery started on Monday.” Repeatedly and with emphasis. Especially when the dialogue this morning started to get whiny about the economy.

This was his spin on all the economic bad news we have been listening to. Think about it a minute. This past December, economists informed us all that the recession began 11 months earlier. As if we didn’t already know that. Since then, right up to today the press reports the latest bad news, most of it old news as well. As far as this business owner is concerned, eleven months from now the economists will be telling us that the recovery started on February 2nd, and he didn’t want to miss out on it.

And the underlying message, at least for me, is that the recovery starts for each of us when we decide to no longer react to things and choose to respond instead. When we decide to make the tough choices as business owners to make changes in our businesses to fix the glaring weaknesses in them. When we choose to look for opportunities and find them. When we give firm expectations to our teams on how to respond. When we decide to get over all the bad news and focus on doing the things needed to grow again.

We can’t control everything, but much of the current situation is a state of mind sort of thing. I’m not being pollyanna-ish. Times are really tough, not like anything most of us have ever encountered before. Maybe this entrepreneur is saying to us that it’s time for the tough (us) to get going.

The recovery started this morning for me.