I’m not done with this mini series yet. But my biggest epiphanies from How the Mighty Fall(HTMF) follow. I couldn’t wait.

Get the facts, face the facts, adjust to the facts, never stop looking at the facts, find new facts to confront.

In other words, become data driven, as much as possible.

I’m afraid in today’s economy, too many decisions are being made without the data or without looking at the data, which will accelerate failure.

My other epiphany is that besides looking at successful companies and leaders to model our companies after, we need to look and the failures as well. Learn from others mistakes. HTMF is a “how not to” do things manual for leaders, that contrasts significantly with what it really takes to succeed.

Get the book or tape and read it or listen to it, (or copy down these blogs and keep rereading them), repeatedly.