Went to a presentation last week by Susan Stephenson and Chip Dudley the leaders of Independent Bank (www.i-bankonline.com). A great presentation not only about their success as bankers, but also as a historical perspective on the changes in Banking since the Reagan years. I had not witnessed a presentation that really spelled how our economy became so messy.

The short story of the presentation is that it’s been a long time coming, there is more than enough blame to go around, and lots needs to be done to turn it around. No simple answers. We need to try alot of things.

The presentation gave great perspective, that helped me be a bit more calm about the future.

One of the comments, by Chip Dudley, was especially insightful. Implying that none of the players in our economy have faced anything quite like this before, he said something like “We’re all rookies right now.”

Maybe I’m a pollyanna, but to me this means that the we’re all equal in coming up with the ideas to turn this around. Fresh ideas are welcome. There isn’t a “formula” right now to survive or succeed or fail. We’ve just been given permission to try anything that might work. And try again. And try again.

Somehow, Chip’s comment is particularly freeing for me. Hope it is for you too.