After a recent personal coaching session with a client, I had a breakthrough idea. He was talking about the difficulty of team work within his company, mostly executives had a hard time communicating with each other, a common problem in lots of organization. However, this client, unlike most of my clients, isn’t the leader of the organization.

Usually I’m working with the owner or CEO. And the solution to this situation for them often involves establishing a disciplined meeting rhythm, including daily ten minute stand-up huddles, where everyone reports “What’s up! Head’s Up! and Where am I stuck?” (Translation: This is what I’ll be working on primarily today, this is what you need to know about what I learned since yesterday, and this is what is slow going for me today.)

It clears the air, allows for intervention, and generally encourages creativity and collaboration. It speeds things up and helps with accountability.

I asked my coaching client, who couldn’t call or establish a meeting rhythm in his company, what was likely to happen if he left a voice mail for his superior and teammates each day, providing them with his “What’s up! Head’s up! This is what I’m stuck on!”

“They would know what I’m producing and what I need help with. And they would probably start sharing the same information with me in return.”

“Furthermore, I would be able to hold myself more accountable.”

Sounds like a plan. I fully expect communications to open up. And performance to improve. Might even see some face to face daily huddles established in the future.