Who hears the word “No” more than anyone else in your organization. That’s right, it’s the sales person.

Let’s think about this a bit from the “Behavioral Reinforcement” point of view. No is a negative reinforcement at best and punishment at its worst. There is no way around this. Even the best salespeople in the world have to contend with “No.” It’s certain and inevitable.

Everyone I know wants to avoid punishments, so that’s why “no” is a negative reinforcement. Your sales person will go to great lengths to avoid “no” because it’s painful. Possibly avoiding the sales techniques needed to get “yes” to avoid “no” Ever hear of or suffer from call hesitation?

–Especially new sales people on your team (even if they are veteran successful sales people previously.
–Especially a sales person in a slump.
–Especially sales people fighting a tough economy.

Good sales people don’t accept “no”. But the need help from management to fight the onslaught of “no’s” they face every day. The need positive reinforcement on a regular basis (beyond basic attaboy’s)on the things they are doing well.

That’s why weekly sales meetings are important. To give strength and techniques to sales people that help them face the “no’s” the face every day.

Are you having weekly and even daily sales meetings to provide this positive reinforcement to your sales associates? If not you are really missing the boat.