I live in the land of ADD or ADHD at home. I don’t have it. Three members of my family have mild cases of it. Two members don’t. The two of us who don’t often huddle up to make sense of how to get things done or help them get things done. It can be a wild ride sometimes. I say this with affection.

The research supposedly shows that a great percentage of entrepreneurs and business owners have either ADD or ADHD. Some hide it well, others wear it like a badge of honor. Some, who don’t have it seem envious of those who do or claim to have it. I think many, like the founder of Kinkos Paul Orfelea, have turned to their advantage by acknowledging it and building support systems around it,

But lately I’ve been thinking about whether it matters or not. I’m beginning to think that being a business owner or entrepreneur in today’s increasingly complex world is enough to make you become ADHD or ADD. (Clinicians say no). So many distractions, coming at you so much faster, with so many more options and information easily accessible to help you (or paralyze you). To operate in this world we might just have to adopt the same sort of support systems like Orfelea.

We need things like One Page Strategic Plans or VisionQuests or Checklists, or Peer Groups to distract us back to where we know we need to be but get pulled away from. The distractions (the other ones) bring creativity, but these new systems need to distract us back to execution.

What do you do to distract yourself back to execution?