I almost failed chemistry in high school (from lack of interest and effort), so correct me if I don’t get this entirely correct.

A catalyst is a substance that starts up a reaction between chemicals, and saves energy in the process.  The final outcome?  Less less energy, less time, less cost.

In some ways the owner/CEO is the catalyst for the company.  It comes with the territory. With it comes pressure that drains energy.  The organization stalls.  Growth slows. Things get mucked up.  Decisions become more difficult.  You can no longer see the forest for the trees.

Time for an outside catalyst.  

A catalyst can be a coach, a peer group, a seminar, a newsletter, a plan, a book, a meeting rhythm.  A multitude of these things.

The best leaders have a number of catalysts feeding them and their teams energy, input, advice, and insight that fuels them and enables them to grow faster, with less energy, with less cost.   

Get a catalyst to get things moving again. Get a bunch of them.  Use them all the time.

I’m available!