In facilitating the identification of a client company’s core values, I often ask the team I’m working with to bring some of the legendary stories from the early days of the business. Today was no different.

The client team brought a whole host of stories, about the first orders, the first products, the passion of the owners, events that defined the future of the business and the character of the leaders. We put all of them to good use, along with other exercises to determine the core values that should be inspiring and guiding the people of the company.

One really jumped out at us. I can’t explain it to you, confidential you see. The name of the core value jumps out at anyone who hears the story. Can’t miss it. It’s called “Jumping the Fence” I guess you just have to guess at what it means.

But this is what I’m sure of. This story will be told repeatedly in the future and team members will know exactly when the need to “Jump the Fence” creating incredible alignment which in turn will generate growth.

Do you have some legendary stories of the past of your company? If so, why are you keeping them under your hat?