I attended a Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Sunday. Moving ceremony. If you have a chance to attend one you should.

I’m still thinking about it. Towards the end of the ceremony, they asked all Boy Scouts and Former Boy Scouts to stand up and recite the Boy Scout Code and the Boy Scout Law. Half the room stood up and from memory recited both, myself included (I only made it to first class).

Wouldn’t your organization be more effective if everyone could recite your company Purpose (The Boy Scout Code) and your company Core Values (the Boy Scout Law)? Does your team even know your Purpose and Core Values?

I thought about how many times during my short Scouting career I recited the Code and the Law. And how many times the four Eagles being honored that night recited the Code and the Law. In both cases, so much that it became second nature for them, and it became a part of them.

While your company Core Values and Purpose may not be so noble as those of the Boy Scouts, your team should know them and be able to repeat them. And you should be reviewing them and communicating them as much as possible to make them live in your organization.