Interesting insights from today’s Inner Circle Meeting. The best one came from the story of a member, relating how one of his younger and more naive sales reps tried something with a client that he would have advised against, because of course he knew better due to his wisdom and experience. Turned out what she did created a bigger sale and more loyal customer.

Of course you can chase a lot of rabbits down holes if you don’t have some sense of judgment on these things. Young and dumb doesn’t work as a method or process. But the fearlessness and willingness to try new things or difficult things can produce lots of new ideas. Lots of creativity. Lots of energy.

The young and naive don’t have the bad habits veterans do, and with that don’t have the filters of experience that stop them. They see the same bit of data differently than you do. And that’s a good thing. We all need new views of the same weeds we have been staring at.

What are you doing to listen to the new views of your young and naive? And how do your reinforce good behaviors and results that come out of such thinking? If you don’t they will disappear and your veterans will be left to not try the difficult things they just know won’t work.