It sounds almost too simple. Checklists.

When something is of absolute importance to be done right, the answer is a checklist. The person with checklists is also the person getting the most done, and if they are good checklists they are getting it done effectively.

The execution portion of the “One Page Strategic Plan” creates a series of checklists that go right to the front-line to insure the strategy is carried out.

The Daily Huddles and Weekly Huddles we recommend at In-Synk and Gazelles are updates of checklists that refresh them and drive accountability and execution.

Manuals are checklists when you get right down to it.

Yet we resist using these effective tools or use them the wrong. Even in an increasing complex world that cries out, “Get a checklist.”

Come learn about Checklists at the In-Synk Business Book Club this Friday. We’ll be reviewing The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, the master of checklists.

Put it on your checklist. Now!