Rarely does anyone admit to being a slot filler anymore when hiring people, lot’s of lip service being paid these days to how people are our most important resource. But I regularly hear about new staff members being hired and thrown at the work. No direction, no orientation, no feedback. And this more often than not leads to poor performance.

Would you do the same thing with an expensive piece of equipment? Just slap it into place, no training on how to use it, no maintenance and hope for the best. Probably not. You would make sure the equipment provided the highest return possible for you. And you would work on it until you got it humming just the right way for you.

This same approach needs to be taken with employees. You need to provide direction, feedback, and encouragement until they are humming along just the right way as well. Yes you have to hire the right person first, but that is only the start.

This is your biggest responsibility as owner or CEO. Finding the right people and then working with them so that they can produce at the highest level for you. It’s not easy and requires constant attention, until they are getting it right. And then they’ll need some more. It’s never ending.

So are you really building resources or just filling slots.

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