Worked with a client today on brushing up and refining his newly completed, first time One Page Strategic Plan.  In the goals column, he had listed an initiative for the new year titled “Develop and Implement XXXXXXX Division Strategy.”  I asked him to explain what that meant.

He started meandering through an explanation of the division’s operational problems that made it a break even proposition. Revenue was excellent, but operational inefficiency eliminated any profitability.  Part way through, his second in command said, “We need ‘Drop ‘n Go’ profitability on this product line!”

“Why don’t you make that the title of your initiative?”

He replied, in a somewhat questioning tone, “They’ll know exactly what we want to accomplish.”

“And you don’t want the team to know exactly what needs to be done?” I asked.  

He quickly changed the name of his initiative, and his first quarter rock and his first quarter theme.

Need I say more about giving Graphically Explicit names to your Initiatives and Rocks?