Have and hour or two at the Orlando Airport.  So many insights and connections today, both to much I’ve learned at past summits and to what I learned yesterday and Monday.  Looking forward to sharing some of it at the Huddles tomorrow.  http://in-synkchokeam.eventbrite.com and http://in-synkchokepm.eventbrite.com

Bob Bloom got the ball rolling this morning, talking about the findings and advice in his book The New Experts. which is one of the books featured in the next In-Synk Business Book Club http://in-synkinsideadvtg.eventbrite.com/ on November 5th.  It wasn’t the best presentation, but I think it was the most important one.  You want to learn what is in his book.  Sign up for the Book Club.  He titled the presentation the Ten Simple Truths About Business Growth. 

  • Looking ahead is useless today.  Velocity of change is too fast, too high.  Globalization and Technology is the cause.  If looking down the road instead of around the corner you will be bypassed.  
  • Barriers to Growth, whatever it is, isn’t your problem. Don’t try to solve the cause.  Not enough time.  Work on getting around it.
  • Simple solutions to Growth are best
  • Fastest , surest, least expensive way to grow is to leverage an underutilized uncommon advantage you already have.  It’s a strategic asset that is sleeping.  The Inside Advantage his first book deals with this and that’s why we are also reviewing it at the next book club.  Be there.
  • Brand Building and Tag lines are useless.  Not enough time to build brands.  Build what your brand stands for and bolt it to your brand.  Remember the experience. It’s what customers worry about. Facebook and twitter mean you live in a glass house.  You are exposed.  Your brand has to be real.
  • What works is single minded Repetition of Message.
  • Internal Consensus and organization alignment is mandatory.  Through the entire organization
  • Customer Loyalty is an anachronism.  Customer Preference is the best you can get. “I prefer you”
  • Get used to insufficient prospect to customer conversion, and customer churn if you can’t build preference.
  • Historic ways of doing strategic planning kills innovation (not the Gazelles way though.)

He then talked about The New Experts:

  • There is a seismic change in the market, that people are overlooking by focusing on the poor economy.  For 2000 years the seller had all the information,  and could control the sale.  Today, for the first time the buyer controls the information and the sale. 
  • Customers have unlimited knowledge and unlimited access to it. 
  • Customers have immense choice on everything.  B2B, B2C, B2I, you name it they have choices.
  • In Real Time!   Right now.  
  • His book lays out how to attack this new situation.  The Customers are the New Leaders.  Don’t think you need to learn this?  Come to the book club on Nov 5th so you don’t have to read the book.  http://in-synkinsideadvtg.eventbrite.com

Next up was John Warrilow, Author of Built to Sell Great Presentation.  Building your business to sell, is a great strategy to follow even if you aren’t ready or looking to sell. I’m getting the book.

  • You have nothing to sell if the business is you.
  • Teachable + Valuable + Repeatable = Sellable
  • Eight Steps to making your business sellable  
  • Pick a scalable product or service out of all you sell
  • Create a positive cashflow
  • Fire yourself as Rainmaker
  • Commit to it with conviction–don’t straddle two things commit to the one thing.  Drop the other
  • Lock in your team
  • Hire an intermediary–You will get too emotional about the process
  • Tell your executive team
  • Convert an offer.

Final Speaker was David Meerman Scott author of New Rules of Marketing and Real Time Marketing  and Marketing Lessons of the Grateful Dead.

  •  Did you see the Oakley Sunglasses on the Chilean Miners.  $41,000 dollars of advertising value in 33 pairs of sunglasses
  • Gap tried to change logo, new website of Crap your logo, making fun of it
  • Winn Hotels banning Paris Hilton 
  • United Breaks Guitars  Watch this.  
  • All, and the reactions to them are examples of Real Time Marketing.
  • Taking action in Real Time to build awareness is Real Time Marketing.  Related to Bob Bloom’s topic.
  • Surprisingly, Financial Markets are the model.  Trading stocks and commodities is done in real time.
  •   Airplane tickets are sold in real time.  But both are bad at Real Time Marketing (except for Bloomberg)
  • Don’t use your words, Use the words your customer uses (good advice for marketing).  
  • Word of Mouse not Word of Mouth.  Faster because it is exponentially duplicateable
  • Social Media is tools, Real Time is a Mindset.  Adopt the mindset.
  • Respond in media of the news or attack or comment
  • Can’t wait for lawyers or marketing guru to do this. Will be too late.  Got to do it now.
  • Apologies work in Real Time
  • Further from the action, the worse the action will work.
  • Someone in your company has to be working on this, watching this, thinking about this.  Can’t plan for it except to have Real Time systems in place. Feeds of data and channels in place to get your Real Time Marketing out.

Loved the Summit.  Why not come with me next time?  I’ll get you a deal.