For years I’ve pretty much stayed with one book, when people asked me to recommend a leadership book:  The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.  It’s foundational and it’s research has been duplicated at least three times now.  The Five Leadership Skills outlined in the book make a great model for learning how to lead, evaluating your leadership, and planning how to lead.  So pick it up and read it. 

But while you are at it, pick up Multipliers by Liz Wiseman.  It’s a great sequel to The Leadership Challenge.

It takes us deeper into understanding the difference between good leaders and great ones.  It outlines two types or styles of leaders.  The regular leader, or Diminisher, who maximizes performance but doesn’t get the most from his people and resources, and the Multiplier, the leader who regularly gets twice the output from his/her people than the Diminisher, in effect getting two teams for the price of one. 

In most cases the Diminisher behavior is well intentioned.  

I suggest you take the Accidental Diminisher Quiz to see how you stack up.  I did and found that I had a few more diminisher skills than I thought however well intentioned I may think I have been.   

And come to the In-Synk Business Book Club this Friday, we’ll be reviewing the book, complete with “Synk Notes” 

Hope to see you there.