Always lots of interesting quotes at the Gazelles Conferences. Here are the ones from today’s coaches session that I though you would find interesting. Content blog for the sessions coming a bit later this evening.

“Some is not a number, soon is not a time. Here’s a number 100,000. Here’s a date June 14, 2006. 9:00 AM” –Donald Berwick

“A BHAG shouldn’t just big and compelling; it should hit you in the gut.”– Chip Heath in Switch

“You want an Uncommon Offering rather than a unique one, unique can be copied and might not be needed.”–Bob Bloom, The Inside Advantage

“Are you playing not to lose, or are you playing to win?”
” No one is worthless, they can always be a bad example.”
“In today’s world we are smothered in complexity.” –Verne Harnish

“A bad process will beat down great people everyday of the week.”
“Find the core processes that cut across areas of responsibility or departments and assign responsibility for the process being right to someone.”
“When you expand by throwing resources at a problem you always create waste.”–Guy Parsons.

“To sell the first deodorant, they had to sell bad odor first.”
“Throw some gun powder on the fire.” –Bob Bloom

Four trends you can’t ignore when planning for the future (from Bob Bloom)
1. People design their own products online
2. Barcodes in TV and Print Ads in five years or less
3. Data Mining is everything.
4. Strategic alliances among competitors.

That about wraps up the interesting and amusing quotes from today. More tomorrow evening. Blog on today’s three big ideas coming up next.