Have you noticed it?  After 2000+ years of the seller being in control of the sales process, the buyer is in control.  Lots of us have noticed this.  Most people are attributing it to the worst recession of our lifetime (my lifetime at least).  Any time the economy declines, the buyer gains power.  And this certainly has happened.

But the shift started before the recession. Because of technology and globalization, the seller no longer controls information about their products or services.  We don’t call sales people to get informed.  We call sales people to place an order, after first learning all we can about their product or services. 

Buyers can find out just about everything about a seller’s product and services without having to ask a sales person anything.  Salespeople no longer add value to the sales process (or should I say “buying” process) by telling features and benefits.  It’s a new paradigm.  And it’s here to stay.  At least until someone blows up the internet.  This requires a new mindset, and new set of tactics, a new buying process. 

I’m holding two events in November to help you learn how to address this new “buying” process. 

The first is the In-Synk Business Book Club on November 5th.  We’ll be reviewing two books by Bob Bloom who outlines this paradigm shift and strategies for succeeding in it.  http://in-synkinsideadvtg.eventbrite.com 

The November In-Synk Executive Huddle deals with this subject as well.  Mike Skelton of Red Rover Sales and Marketing will be joining me.  He’ll be discussing “Sales Success in the Post Web World:  Managing Salespeople in their Brave New Role”  I’ll be discussing how Meeting Rhythm works in this new sales environment.  http://in-synksaleseffectam.eventbrite.com  and http://in-synksaleseffectpm.eventbrite.com

Come get up to speed on this.