Three really good speakers today at the Gazelles Sales and Marketing Summit. So much thought provoking I had to skip out on the last session and rest my brain. Lots to wrap my brain around. And you too.

The opening morning session featured John Thull author of Mastering the Complex Sale. I’m going to get his book and I recommend you do too. Was worth the price of admission for the whole conference to here him speak. Direct, researched, and enlightening about how to sell in this new era. Here are his major points.
–The Golden Age of Sales is Over. They own us. They (the customer) know everything we do.
–A complex sale is whenever you don’t want to be a commodity sale.
–Customers have normalized pain: That is they don’t believe they have a problem, and/or don’t believe they can change.
–Question to ask yourself: Are customers capable of doing a thorough diagnosis of their problem?
–He goes on to present a model that flips the traditional sales model over into Discover, Diagnose, Design. and then Deliver. Previous sales training models and processes equip us poorly to sell this way, when customers don’t know how to diagnose their problems themselves.
–Most of us are selling with 90% of the value we deliver tied behind our backs.
–Can’t share more at this time, I need more time to digest it. But will change the way I sell. Get the book.

The Second Speaker was Brian Halligan of Hubspot. Topic Inbound Marketing.
–Today’s marketing brain width is more important than wallet size. Get the brains working.
–Step by Step Process

  1. Publish your way to recognition. Content is a magnet for customers, create content
  2. Optimize your Content –SEO and SMO, Titles combine key words and pop, don’t pimp your product though.
  3. Pump your content out: twitter, stumbleupon, utube, Flickr, linked in, Facebook
  4. Call to action to get more content. “White paper for email address”
  5. Measure

–Who does this well for you: DARC. Digital Native, Analytical, Already has followers, Content Creators.
–Turn your website into a hub of content.

Final session was Eric Keiles and Mike Lieberman authors of Reality Marketing Revolution I’m going to get this book as well.
–Traditional marketing your parents watched is dead or dying.
–Marketing must be Quantifiable, Prospect Focused, Goal Oriented, High ROMI, and Remarkable.
–Do the Red Blue test on your website and all marketing materials and correspondence. Circle all words about you in red, and words about customers in blue. Blue should outweigh Red. So does your website talk about you (wrongo bongo) or your customer (righto).
–Follow this funnel for content–Public to No Risk to Low Risk, to High Content.

That about wraps it up. Off to bed. Call me for more information and insights. Watch for a post of a video that illustrates new era of sales and marketing.