I’m a bit confused/bemused by all the commentary about uncertainty in the economy/government and how it is paralyzing business owners.

Not trying to be political here at all. But what exactly are we uncertain about.

–That the economy is down, slow, tough, etc. We’ve been certain of that for at least two years.

–That the credit market is tight. We’ve know that for the same amount of time.

–That the government is ill equipped to deal with this, or at least it takes government takes a long time to act on urgent situations. We’ve only known about that for 30-40 years or more.

–That most of the “experts” of all persuasions don’t know what they don’t know. Ditto.

We’re pretty certain about all of these things. Here are a few more things we should be certain of.

–That our customers know best what they need so they are the best source of “certainty” about the future.

–That other business owners know more about what is going on than the experts.

–That inaction is action not taken, and is very dangerous. Sitting on the sidelines waiting for the uncertainty to fade means you will miss the opportunities.

So get about the task of moving forward instead of moving backward. Improve your business. Get going and remove the uncertainty. It will give those who depend on you confidence and will solve this poor economy.