At last week’s In-Synk Huddle we talked about Branding and Brand Promises. It’s funny, but I had a takeaway from my own presentation. Here it is:

Your current Brand Promise isn’t good enough if you want to grow. Lots of us, myself included have figured out what we need to promise our customers to keep their brains indelibly branded on our being the solution they need to solve their problems. And we may have even done a good job of communicating that Brand Promise.

But how long will that Brand Promise keep working. Knowing that imitation is the highest form of flattery, at the very least it’s going to be copied and mostly likely improved on by competitors. Our currently successful Brand Promise could easily become a “Table Stake” (what you have to be good at just to be in business).

We all should be working on the next brand promise that builds on the last one.

Take FedEx for instance: Their first Brand Promise was “Absolutely, Positively Overnight.” But now the Post Office can deliver that. Currently they espouse “When it absolutely has to be there” and they are a step or two ahead. But I’m guessing Fred Smith and his executive team is working on a new Brand Promise or two.

Here’s my advice. Set a goal three to five years out. Create a new Brand Promise for that time frame, based on customer needs, that is an improvement over today’s. Then figure out what to put into place or changed to deliver on it. Now you are thinking strategically.

Are you working on your next brand promise?