We all seem to know the HR advice on Performance Review and Evaluations. Doing them once a year isn’t really good enough. Do them at least once a quarter. Tie them to actual job performance. A performance review shouldn’t be a surprise to the boss or the staff member.

We know we should be doing them. We know it works. So why do we find it so difficult to do them.

I think it’s because of two things. The first is that we have set goals for the employee at the start of the year or employment. I mean specific outcomes you want them to achieve. And then we don’t turn them into checklists or roadmaps with the employee upfront. So we forget what we asked them to achieve and when it’s time to do the review, we are in a scramble and then do a review based on non performance items. Or we just dodge them because this is hard to do or it makes us uncomfortable.

The second reason is that we don’t have effective meeting rhythms in place where people self report on their checklists (To Do lists) and you see progress everyday or every week. Good meeting rhythms make it easy to know how well everyone is doing. And that makes assessing performance easier and the reviews become and effective tool for improving performance.

Of course there is more to it than that. But as yourself this, is your lack of an effective meeting rhythm making it really difficult for you to measure and coach the performance of your people?