At this weekend’s Inner Circle Symposium, another facilitator (John Engelman, of Ames, Iowa) said the following.  “Business Leaders Need a Steady Diet of Input.”

Thinking about this over the weekend, I have to say I agree.  All the great leaders of the world make sure they don’t operate in a vacuum.  They understand the importance of having an exchange of ideas and dialogue coming at them.  Bill Gates, check,  Steve Jobs, check, Warren Buffet, check.

The In-Synk Huddle and Book Club are ways of creating a flow of ideas.  ( is the next huddle,  is the next book club).

Inner Circle by In-Synk creates a flow of deep meaningful dialogue between business owners and CEOs.  (

Increasing your diet of ideas and dialogue is what In-Synk is all about.  It’s my passion.  Can’t help myself.  

Unlike a diet to lose weight, your diet of input should be growing. 

How’s your diet of input?  Is it growing?  Do you have one?  Or are you isolated and  getting all your ideas and advice from your brother-in-law?