This is a follow up to my last post about the Memphis Police Department’s Blue CRUSH Program/TRAC.
Some other things I found impressive about the Weekly TRAC Meet that I want to pass along:
  • Besides having the weekly results posted in tables, the data was converted into graphs, both line graphs and bar graphs.  And pinpointed geographically via mapping software.  Doing this with your data is extremely important.  It brings the data to life by making it Visual.  When you do it, all participants can do instantaneous trend analysis more easily. 
  • The Administrative Chiefs and the Director refuse to beat up the commanders with the data.  There was no need to.  Presenting to peers makes poor performance obvious.  The focus shifts naturally to learning how to improve from other people’s performance.  There was no time in the meeting for brainstorming on each commander’s situation, but lots of the proverbial, “meetings after the meeting” between commanders took place.  You want to encourage this.
  •  It was obvious that targets or benchmarks have been set for each precinct.  I would love to know more about how the benchmarks were set.  Certainly having more than four years of data available helps.  I’m betting that Monthly and Quarterly meetings as well as Annual Planning are conducted to set the targets.
  • Finally, it was obvious that rhythm of the weekly meeting is a welcome habit for the commanders that they have come to depend on to do good work.  The esprit de corps of the force is strengthened.  They can see the progress they are making and give themselves their own reinforcement. 
Several commanders said something similar to the visitors that is significant.  Police officers become police officers because “they want to put bad guys away,” and the TRAC meeting and the Blue CRUSH helps each officer accomplish that task more often.  They feel they are making a difference everyday.  When you have that feeling going on in your organization,  you’ve got it going on!