If you are a business owner you have to be an expert at something, or the long term success of your business is questionable.  But don’t assume that because you are an expert in something that you are an expert at everything.  Most likely you are an amateur at most things.

Experts and amateurs alike need coaching or assistance.  Just ask Tiger Woods.

Take me for example, I like to think I’m a strategy and execution expert.  But twice a year I go away to get updated on all things related to strategy, execution and leadership.

I also think I have good instincts about marketing.  Instincts are not expertise.  I know a good marketing idea when I see one, can even create a good marketing idea or two every so often.  But I’ve learned I need the hand of an expert to make sure the idea is complete and that I can convey the idea effectively.  So I’m an amateur marketer.  And I get help from an expert or two.

Determine what you are an expert at and what you are an amateur at, and get coaching or expertise accordingly.  Stop trying to be expert at everything,