3rd in a series of posts on “Moving your Rocks” which I’ll be covering in depth in the next In-Synk Huddle.

While I like the bulldozer imagery on moving rocks that I posted yesterday, I’ve come to appreciate the view I’m going to give you today just a little bit more.  It seems to resonate more.  Seems more clear. 

First think of your three year goal or BHAG as a really big hole that you have to fill. 

Your Rocks are the initiatives/cababilites/projects that if executed will fill up a big portion of the hole.  So the idea is to identify Rocks that, in addition to the regular daily execution items done well everyday, will fill up the hole faster. 

Rocks will never fill the hole up completely, there is too much day job stuff that has to fit around them to fill it up completely.  So you can’t stop the Day Job stuff.  But if you can’t put rocks (things that give you advantages with the Day Job stuff) into the hole, filling the hole will never happen.  Real growth will never happen. 

Looking at Rocks this way is all about Forward Progress.  More positive than the Bulldozer analogy.  Has a building blocks type of feel to it. 

Pick one of these analogies.  And figure out your Rocks and get cracking on them.