Recently as the board chairman of a local charity, I experienced the following.  Four fundraising events of a similar nature, one of them producing double the donations in $ than the others combined.  One of the leaders of the others, asked why it was more successful.

“We were working a different zip code at this one.”

The leader of the more successful event had friends that were much more affluent and ready to donate than the others.   

In your sales campaigns, are you working the right zip codes?  I mean figuratively not literally. 

The customers on the higher end of the food chain take longer to sell and are harder to sell.  Are you forgoing them for the “easier to sell” customers at the bottom of the food chain.  Are you targeting the potentially more lucrative accounts and making sure the sales force is calling on them.

Let’s face it.  All sales people (you and I included) when given the chance take the easiest route to the money.  Any money.  Even at the expense of the big money.

Just some things to think about as you regroup and refocus your sales team for the last four months of the year.

Come to the next In-Synk Huddle on August 19th. Title?  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sales Teams.

I’ll be blogging on Sales Effectiveness all this month to help you get your sales teams in order for the last four months of the year.