When these happen it’s great.  The floodgates open up and whatever it is that you have been stuck on gets unstuck.  If you’ve been stalled, you start moving again.  I want more of them.  You should too.

But the label (BGO) implies that you just stumble across them.  Or that they are divinely inspired.  Or they are totally serendipitous.  (Serendipity is “Irish” for planning, you knew that didn’t you). This is not accurate.

BGOs happen when that last bit of info connects the dots between lots of other bits of information you have been struggling with.  You know these other bits of information because you have been compiling them for a reason, or studying them.  You’ve been paying attention to them, often for reasons you might not understand, but you know that paying attention to them is important.

So if you want more BGOs to happen, and I do and you should, one needs to keep paying attention, keep studying and struggling.

Keep compiling the data.  Keep playing with all sorts of different ways.  Keep cataloging them and re-cataloging them.  Keep trying to composing theories that make puts them in order for you.

Keep feeding on a steady diet of input (stimulus) from others.  Peers, experts, catalysts, coaches.  People who see things differently than you do.  Who think differently than you do. 

BGOs will come.  Not necessarily when you want them to come.  Just make sure they keep coming by doing all of he above.  When they don’t, that’s when you need to start worrying. 

I’ve had several in the past couple of weeks and months.  BGOs come from working hard and being disciplined about paying attention to everything.

More musings on this in the next few days. Inspired by Steve Jobs on this.  He paid attention and had and keeps having loads of BGOs.