Made a long round trip road trip to Detroit last week.  Jamming with Bruce Springsteen on the way.  The title of one of his songs jumped out at me. 

“Brilliant Disguise”

Even more than before we must get behind the “Brilliant Disguises” job candidates put before us as we try to fill open positions, get past the best face put forward to the real face we’ll see when the join us.

Two ways to do this.  The CIDS (Chronological In Depth Structured) Interview recommended and used by TopGraders everywhere.  Or a well developed Behavioral Interview. 

Both focus on getting candidates revealing data to you about actual behaviors performed by candidates in previous positions.  Candidates must tell you what they have done in the past, that is related to what you want them to succeed at, rather than what they might do in hypothetical situations.  If they don’t have relevant successful behavior, you probably shouldn’t hire them.

And when you are selling the job to them, are you putting on a “Brilliant Disguise” about your company, selling it too strongly.