Been thinking about this since the Mavericks win on Sunday. 

I’ve said many times, as have other consultants, that culture trumps strategy.  That by having a strong, reinforced culture you don’t have to have as good a strategy as those without culture. 

I have a different take on it now.  The Mavericks culture of celebration and encouragement accelerated the talent and strategy they employed, allowing them to overachieve and win the championship over a team that clearly had the most talent in the league. 

Conversely, the poor culture of the Heat, diminished the abilities of the top talent they had available to them, allowing the Mavericks to pass them by. 

The lesson here:  constantly pay attention to your culture, teaching it, reinforcing it, encouraging it.  Hire and retain people who can live it.  It takes more than top talent or a great strategy to succeed.  It takes a great culture to maximize or accelerate it.