I’ll be ruminating on this subject for the next couple of blogposts and at the next In-Synk Huddle.  Hope you can make it.

Rocks, in Rockefeller Habits lingo, are the major initiatives/projects/capabilities that, when put in place move your organization forward furthest towards a long term goal.

That’s pretty broad description.  Dependent on what the long term goal is, what your core values and core competencies are, and what your purpose is.  If you determine these, and act and execute on them, they start adding up to growth.  Real sustainable growth.

As opposed to the incremental or temporary growth you achieve when you maximize on your current capabilities and competencies.  You have to move on these and move your Rocks too.  I often call these “Day Job Rocks”  Real Rocks are bigger than your daily responsibilities. 

As opposed to whacking away at the “Weeds (In-Synk terminology)” the annoying day to day obstacles and issues you keep addressing but make little or no progress on. 

More tomorrow.  Stay tuned!