Feel like someone opened the top of my head today and poured in a bit too much knowledge.  Lots learned today, that will take a few days of digesting.  Looking forward to sharing it when I get back.

On building community.  Three elements have to exist.  Members have to be authentic, have to feel safe, and have to serve each other.  This begs a question.  Are you building a community with your organization?  When you build one, you move faster.

We spent lots of time learning about strategy.  Here are some quotes that resonated with me.
–Many companies “had” a great strategy, but lose it along the way.
–Strategy = Tactics in Context
–The executive team gives me good information, but the charts tell me the truth.  (a quote from Alan Muhlally of Ford, explaining why he uses dashboards.
–Opinions are the most dangerous data in business.
–Strategy=choosing what not to do.
–Performing operational excellence is not a strategy. Can’t be sustained.  Can be copied.  Leads to the “seduction of streamlining” which is a trap.
–Strategic Planning = Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning

–We had been operating in a Supply driven economy prior to 2007.  For the first time since WWII we are operating in a Demand driven economy. 
–We need to discover profit pools–they exist. 
–Define a list who you are going after.  Have sales report on who they have gotten off the list buy landing them, instead of finding new clients.
–Consider having sales people call in every day to report on their funnel.  Record it and don’t make them do reports.  The technology exists to do that.
–Jack up Marketing
–Sales people’s degrees are in partying.  Marketing people’s are in history, physics and math.

Innovation is a dimension of strategy.  Hot, sexy word right now.
–Have to have a design attitude right now. 
–We reviewed different Strategic Frameworks that drive Innovation.  Too much to share in this blog.  But loving it.

–Spent time with Kevin Daum, of Roar, learning how to use humor to enhance messaging. 
–Look  forward to sharing with you a video I’m having made to explain what I do and the outcomes you get from coaching.  It’s funny.

And I won a coaching award from Gazelles at the dinner this evening.  Living a Gazelles International Core Value.  “For the Good of the Order”  Very humbling to win it.